Style Crush: Black Tie…

Remember back in the 80’s when coloring books were all the rave.  Before those of us who were artistically inclined learned how to impress our friends with shading, we relied heavily on the black outline…the sign of a finished page. Nowadays, the shaded edge rules as we have gradually moved away from old school outlining to hyper-realistic visual media (think old school outlined Smurfs vs. new school CGI’d Smurfs).  Lately, I’ve noticed a return to black outline in fashion, decor, and other design.  My latest find is this amazing laptop bag from Luv.

Jump from Paper Laptop Bag

I’m also loving Solange’s Prada Baroque Round Sunglasses featured in her personal photographs on her blog along with a few other finds from Pinterest.  The black outline around the pale pink polish and the contrasting stripes on this great clutch are the perfect finishing touch to any number of looks.

pink fingernails  striped clutch

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