Wed Luv: Tips for hosting a Winter Wedding in the Sunshine State!

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As a native of the Sunshine State using the term “Winter Wedding” is a bit misleading.  Winter in Florida is generally a mix of peacoats, flip flops, UGGS and tank tops, and snow is one of those things that we occasionally get to see on tv.  So how does one plan a Winter Wedding in the Sunshine State? Instead of nickel and diming your budget away on snowflake trinkets and winter kitsch, here’s another suggestion…invest in the atmosphere, not the objects.  Create an environment where your guests feel  like they’re in a winter setting.  First tip, make a decision…do you want your guest to feel like they are in a blissful outdoor setting or a cozy indoor environment?

For a winter white outdoor setting look for a venue with high ceilings like a ballroom or banquet hall.  Cover guest tables and ancillary tables with white linens. Feel free to dress up your feature tables – sweetheart or head table, cake tables, escort card table, with sheer or high end designer linen.

Winter White Wedding

To add a twilight effect use “bling” in various places throughout the venue.  This will add to your budget so work with a wedding and/or event planner. Generally we can get items like this at a discounted rate.


White, not an option for you…create a cool winter nighttime effect by investing in lighting.  The key is to “invest” in lighting (from a lighting or event rental company not the local hardware store). Lighting isn’t cheap but remember I’m encouraging you to ditch all the trinkets, the useless favors, the fake snow, etc.  You should also consider reducing the budget on the extravagant invitations, simplify the cake…trust me, there are some things that you can cut back on.

Lighting is key!

Finally, if you want an environment that’s a bit more warm and cozy look for more intimate venues.  Possibly one that has woodworking or exposed brick in its interior space (think log cabin…sort of).  Look for Country Clubs or lofts.  Keys to creating a cozy atmosphere are candlelight and ambient lighting.

Ambient Lighting & Candlelight

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Image Source
Winter White Wedding
(Blue) Lighting is key &
Ambient Light & Candlelight &

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