Color Stories: Mixed Metallics

Mixed Metallic Centerpiece

Remember the days when weddings and event design were all about mixing two solid colors or even worse, one color and white.  Well, those days are over!  No matter the event, selecting color schemes is all about creating depth and texture.  This season, create a look of opulence by mixing metallics to add sparkle and shine to any occasion.

Gold, silver, copper, bronze, and this season’s “it” metallic, mercury, can be combined in numerous ways for a classic look to a modern contemporary design. Adding a bold color to the mix can make even bigger statement.  Even if you don’t have an event planned in the upcoming months consider using mixed metallics in your holiday decor or in your personal styling…who says you can’t be the center of attention as well.

Images (top to bottom):

bridesmads dresses
wedding cake\
confetti art
hanging stars

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